Best Cuban Restaurants in Miami – USA Today

Miami has more classic Cuban dining establishments than you can shake a stick at, but what we also have is an array of modern takes on our old favorites. Chug’s, opened just earlier in 2019, is one of those places. This Cuban diner has plenty of comfort food platters to keep the locals coming back, with plenty of twists to bring in curious tourists. Run by Chef Michael Beltran, this Grove spot features the quintessential Abuela’s breakfast–”named as such and composed of rice and beans plus fried eggs and maduros–”plus delectable delights like the medianoche (made with duck) and a wide array of pastelitos. It’s basically got everything you need out of a Cuban dining establishment but turned up to 11.

Recommended for Cuban because: Chug’s raises the bar for Miami’s diners with Cuban fare that takes into account the adventurous tastes of Miami’s younger foodies without upsetting abuelita.

Priscilla’s expert tip: Chug’s is a Cuban eatery brought into the 21st century. That is, they have all the favorites you grew up with, with the added bonus of craft beer and regular events like domino competitions and pastelito eating contests to keep the millennial crowd coming back. Stay on top of their events by following their social pages.